WR house


Envisaged as a modern interpretation of the mass house building aesthetic, set amongst an eclectic street scene in the suburbs of SW London, WR house showcases what is possible on a limited budget and within tight legislative planning constraints.

GF plan.jpg

Meeting all national space standard requirements, WR house is constituted from one type of contemporary brickwork, formulated in a range of bonding and coursing techniques.

Section A colour.jpg

The fenestration will be lined with a copper shroud to add subtlety to the detailing whilst also offering the property an element of originality that echoes the ornate detailing last seen around residential fenestration openings in the Victorian period.

Diagrams wallpaper-01.jpg

The private amenity areas benefit from large expanses of glazing to the façade to give the occupants a sense of being within the lush external environment, whilst the front of the house fenestration is much more traditional and complimentary to the surrounding vernacular.

wrap_WR House_internal view living.jpg
wrap_WR House_Internal view stair.jpg
18013_WRHouse_wr-ap_site model.jpg
WR House CGI 02.jpg

All aspects of the architectural brickwork detailing have been carefully considered. Externally a projecting brickwork relief helps to express one of the houses volumes, whilst the other is more calm and restrained, utilising a more traditional brick laying method to define the volume. 

Internally, exposed brickwork, matching that used externally creates design features, such as the fire place and associated chimney to give the open plan living area a  contemporary focal point.


Planning approval was secured in early 2019 with construction of the new family dwelling expected to begin in the autumn of 2020.