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Amber Weir

Design and Communications Lead

BA (Hons) Communication Design

‘Amber is a creative young designer whose process led approach and eagerness to learn results in exciting and innovative design solutions. Graduating in 2020 from the Glasgow School of Art WR-AP has been her first taste of a role in industry and she’s been enjoying absorbing all the architectural knowledge she can.’

Despite having no formal education in architecture, I have such a respect for it, as a designer and artist myself it’s so incredible to see such tangible results of a project as well as the process that leads there. I am particularly interested in the use of materials and the consideration that goes into them both ecologically and aesthetically. The history and changing norms within architecture are also fascinating, having studied classical civilisations in college I have a bit of insight into ancient architecture and how buildings have evolved with us to suit our changing needs and visual preferences.

As the first person in this role, I think I’ll bring a new perspective and flair to the materials at WR-AP and hopefully something a bit different. I have a very hands on, process led approach to design which results in constant learning and new techniques. This should result in a cohesive but exciting variety of styles to suit any project.

Outside of the studio I spend my time working with clay to create sculptural pieces that are both beautiful and practical. My work mainly focuses on the stunning lines and curves of the human form but I’m branching into more abstracted, textural pieces. I’m completely self-taught so I think this is why a big interest of mine in the architectural sphere are the materials used as it has parallels with the choice of clay, chemistry of glaze and the consideration of process with usability as well as aesthetic.

When I’m not designing and creating, I spend my time trying to teach my rescue dog Turnip to be the best boy he can be, we’ve not had too much luck so far, so we’ll just say he’s full of character. He loves a cuddle and is always eager for a post work snuggle in front of the telly.

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