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social agenda

At WR-AP we are wholeheartedly committed to creating social value through our work, our guiding principles are led by our overall commitment  to “do the right thing” but it also makes great business sense as well. As architects we make sure that all of our clients are well informed to ensure that their buildings enhance the environment and improve outcomes for their users.  We are also committed to creating social value through the way we practice, how we create an enriching studio environment and through our relationship with our local community and the wider construction industry.

Career Engagement

Through partnerships with local schools, we encourage and support young people into the many rewarding careers that architecture and construction offer. We are particularly interested in assisting young people who might not otherwise have access to our industry i.e. those that receive the state Pupil Premium Grant through their schools.

We mentor sixth form students from local state schools who want to explore careers in architecture and, in doing so, we have assisted them with investigating tertiary education opportunities. We collaborate with local schools and Local Authorities to provide at least three week-long work placements every year that are open to all.

Mentorship of Architecture Students

We mentor and support architecture students who participate in the RIBA mentorship programme, enhancing the students’ academic education by demonstrating design in practice. Currently we are supporting third year Part 1 undergraduates from Reading University by offering an insight into the business of architecture and offering them experience of practice.

RIBA student mentoring practice efooter.

Building Sustainable Communities

At WR-AP we enjoy using our professional skills and giving our time pro bono to help improve the places that we live and work in. As board members of Kingston Education Trust we assist and support a local  schools network in developing their Trust with new facilities. We enjoy sharing knowledge and networks to help them grow and develop.

Looking Beyond Britain

As architects we fully appreciate that we are world citizens and we’re capable of sharing our skills and expertise beyond our local community and in fact country borders. As one of our founding members has a South American Heritage we are particularly interested in developing the next generation of architects from this diverse region. We are currently setting up a mechanism for supporting a number of architectural students from Venezuela both financially and in a mentorship capacity in order for them to complete their academic studies. The idea is to enrich their experience as a global citizens and global architects  by establishing links for them around the world starting with London as a pilot city.

How we are developing our understanding of social value

In order to develop our social contribution we are delighted to have been taking part in the flagship Heart of the City Foundation programme since 2020. We’re looking forward to continuing to gain the knowledge and tools we need to make sure our studio has a positive impact on people, places and the planet long into the future. Since starting our journey with Heart of the City we have won The Lord Mayor's Dragon Award as well as receiving a commendation from the Thornton Education Trust for our work involving young people in regeneration projects.

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