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be well

Be Well - CDW2019 - WRAP design image

‘Be Well’ was a temporary pavilion selected as the centrepiece for Clerkenwell Design Week 2019.

Envisaged as a platform to showcase the inherent performance and aesthetic qualities of galvanised steel via an experimental composition of utilitarian building products and curated architecture, visitors firstly interacted with a fine filigree of elements that shone and refracted with the everchanging sunlight.

wr-ap be well pavilion photograph - clerkenwell design week 2019

The pavilion progressed to a more enclosed construction where visitors were able to connect and touch the material as they moved through the installation and were able to observe the chemical patination beauty of the material close-up.

wr-ap be well pavilion photograph -  clerkenwell design week 2019

The centrepiece of the pavilion was a more formal portico inspired by the adjacent St. Johns Gate that housed a new Clerkenwell ‘Well’, a subversive reinterpretation of the existing Clerkenwell well, where visitors were invited to share their thoughts about the show, issues in the design and architectural sector and to leave these in the wishing well for the future.

wr-ap be well pavilion model clerkenwell design week 2019
wr-ap be well pavilion night shot - clerkenwell design week 2019

Made viable by the commission sponsors Haines Watts (our accountants by the way) and the fantastic teams at: Berry Systems, Joseph Ash Galvanising, Lionweld Kennedy, The Galvanising Association and John Cullen Lighting.


Photography: Tino Antoniou

wr-ap be well pavilion detail clerkenwell design week 2019
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