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An Architects Practice with a passionate mission to create Rigorous, Evocative and Performance led Architecture.

As Architects we love working alongside clients who appreciate the fact that great architecture has the ability to inspire lives, that great architecture has a positive impact on the environment and that great architecture takes time and considerable effort.

Our work thrives on the happy tension between the evocative journey of creating inspiring architecture and the rigour of making it possible. Overarching this constant dialogue is our never ending focus on evaluating the performance of our architecture, contextually, economically and environmentally.

Our commissions encompass both private and public sector works and our experience allows us to be agile enough to undertake small inquisitive projects but our strong strategic thinking also allows us to undertake projects of a larger scale. 

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the practice

We are proud of our growing reputation, and owe it to an incredibly talented and resourceful group of practice members. Our belief is that great architecture is created through inspirational client and community collaboration, constant environmental awareness and no end of elbow grease to make it all happen.


Founded by Sean Weston and Max Rengifo in 2018. Sean is a Northerner, studying, living and practicing architecture in London for the last 20 years. Max is a Venezuelan, studying, living and practicing architecture in London, also for the last 20 years.

Find out more about us and our mission here.

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