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crown community

wr-ap crown community sketch

Designed for people, not robots, with attractive meandering retailways, virtual reality shopping ecosystems, wholesale sized distribution centres linked to dynamic display and collect centres, cycle routes, gardens, allotments and green spaces.

WR-AP's entry to this innovative competition provided our team with the platform to reinvent the retail experience in a time of increasing change for the sector.

Created for communities not individuals, facilitating a place to live and work for young and elderly to create a lasting work life balance. The Crown Community

Retail ethos will no longer be focused on weekend destination shopping but due to its inherent diverse population it will be vibrant 7 days a week.

It will stand side by side with local people and invest in amenities that are essential for all, such as the shops they require alongside community assets, providing an overall sense of place.

In a world of ever increasing connectivity the Crown Community Retail destination of the future will create a local experience with a worldwide offer that harnesses the creativity and diversity of local communities whilst maintaining a healthy connection to entire world.

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