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Jo Peycheva

Architects Assistant

BA (Hons) MArch

‘Jo is a striving young architect, who thoroughly enjoys thinking through making, more precisely through cast-making, and has a strong understanding of the architectural profession as a synthesis of ongoing processes of testing, absorbing and understanding.’

I joined WR-AP in the summer of 2020, after completing my first year of Architecture Masters at The Kingston School of Art. Whilst studying I’ve explored questions of liminality and the idea of resettling, through the exploration of façade design and development. My studies have given me the ability to address complex problems, assess significant possibilities within given limitations and requirements, and develop design solutions that evolve towards refinement through repeated cycles of testing, assessing and no shortage of impressive risk-taking.


During my undergraduate studies I began to strive and develop an understanding of both design, concept and architecture not only as a profession itself but also a prime initiator towards social change and development as a whole and its this focus that I enjoy dedicating my efforts towards within the practice environment.


I’m passionate about good architecture and my key interests lie within the ongoing investigation and exploration of materiality, spatial condition, and subtext within a projects' context, alongside furthering my understanding of architecture as a transformational process of experimentation and carefully thought out design that impacts the wider society and not just the confines of a buildings footprint. I’ve been involved in a number of the practices’ residential projects and I enjoy testing out my interests out of this scale of architecture.


Outside university and practice I’ve entered several architectural competitions around the world in order to develop my architectural thinking and stance, most recently having been a shortlisted winner for an educational centre in Mexico.

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