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Max Rengifo WR-AP.jpg

Max Rengifo


Arquitecto CIV - CAV - M.Sc.

‘Max’s architectural-minded approach is essential to formulate the creative direction of the practice. His ability for synthesis, creation of narratives and ideas formulation shapes the studio message for consistency and clear identity’.

I grew up making and drawing things in my native city: Caracas, surrounded by the analytical curiosity of my father and the sensibility for nature and crafts of my mother. Later on discovering the power of well-designed buildings and public spaces changed architecture from a mere career to a way of life.  For me it is exhilarating seeing a “drawing” getting built; but nothing compares to hearing the experiences of those who use our spaces once that early sketch comes to life.


I believe in a practice based on evocative narratives, coherent technical solutions and above all being able to positively influence the lives of the people using the spaces we design.  My involvement in WR-AP is to lead our team to deliver evocative narratives, explorative sketching, meaningful engagement with clients and users alike- and to develop rigorous technical detailing during the construction phases.


My participation with academia allows me to explore and discuss relevant architectural issues as well as ultimately influence how we believe architectural education should respond to our professions challenges. Through a journey of ideas-practice-economics-technology and social issues I seek to formulate relevant briefs / discussions aiming to provide relevant platforms for fruitful discussions with students.

​I am privileged to share my life with someone equally passionate about design, art and architecture. I seek for the intellectual delight of understanding things. I also annoyingly tap my fingers everywhere as a reminder of my days as drummer, long gone but hopefully soon to resume.

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