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park pivot


Park Pivot is a new 1000 Sqm mixed use building located at the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and forms part of the developing residential district of East Wick and Sweetwater. The design solution required a sensitive urban approach given its close proximity to the prominent Copper Box Arena building and the emerging residential blocks of East Wick and Sweetwater phase I.

wr-ap_Park Pivot_models.jpg

The new building is inspired by the Market Hall typology found in many historical towns across the UK. These relatively small structures sit confidently in their context defining public space and routes around them while providing active frontages and civic presence.

wrap park pivot all elevations01.jpg
wrap park pivot model testing.jpg

In a similar manner the new building aims to create a ‘new place’ in between existing distinctive buildings while providing a singular gesture, that acknowledges the continuity of the emerging residential urban grain.

wrap park pivot west elevation.jpg

The brief called for a building that could be transformed in time with minimum investment for adaptation.  This bold move from the East Wick and Sweetwater JV embraces their long term view and firm commitment to minimize waste by planning the reuse of a building from its inception.  This requirement meant that the facade design needed to be adaptable to a range of types of uses over its lifetime. To enable this our team developed a number of facade options to test the viability, whilst paying close attention to the overall rhythm and composition of the elevational treatments.

wrap park pivot facade options.jpg
wrap park pivot sketch.jpg

The BREEAM excellent building features column free floor plates for maximum adaptability, natural ventilation via a combination of automated and manually openable windows and a roof terrace offering views over Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the residential legacy project.

materials better.jpg

Planning approval was granted in the summer of 2019.

The consultant team includes: Waterman, Quod, Fabrik and Stace


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