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WR-AP talking at Construction Week 2019

WR-AP talk at Construction Week 2019

WR-AP will be attending Construction Week 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham on the 9th October to hear about the hot topics impacting our industry today, to investigate new materials and to participate in the seminar series.

We will be presenting at 14.15pm on the 9th October in the Surface & Materials Hub, Hall 9 where we will be discussing the virtues of healthy buildings in a circular economy and how our material selection choices as architects have an impact on the environmental footprint of the buildings we design today and in the future.

In the sustainable future, new economic models will maximise the value of raw materials by keeping buildings, infrastructure, resources and materials in use for as long as possible. The procurement of construction projects have an increasing focus on design for durability, deconstruction, disassembly and flexibility as well as on re-use, recovery or remanufacturing of materials.

We will consider and evaluate what is important for architects when they talk about 'materiality in architecture' and discuss the merits of utilising surprising materials such as galvanized steel structures and components to contribute to the idea of circular materials for low carbon, healthier buildings.

In the search for optimal sustainability in the use of materials, the combination of hot dip galvanizing and steel has an almost unique partnership in delivering sustainable design choices and we will discuss and present our first tentative steps in utilising galvanised steel as a cladding material for one of our first completed commissions.

WR-AP's 'Be-Well' Pavilion at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Please feel free to view our latest commissions here :

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