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dainton cottage

wr-ap_Dainton Cottage-rear copper elevation

The Dainton Cottage proposal is a contemporary addition to a cottage in South West London. Built in 1906, the original cottage is a two bedroomed semi-detached and is joined to the adjacent Dainton House. Purchased by a local developer who has an aspiration to maximise development value through design quality, WR-AP were engaged to reinvent the existing cottage and to provide additional accommodation whilst maximising the end development value.

wr-ap Dainton cottage site plan
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage-old and new brickw

The proposed design additions to the cottage have created a four bedroomed property, with four bathrooms and ample living accommodation. In order to maximise the potential of the corner plot WR-AP also advised the client team to incorporate an additional annexe building within the site that could be used as an extended family dwelling.  

wr-ap_Dainton Cottage-residential extens
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage_Section_01.jpg

The new extension is separated from the cottage via a glazed slot that allows for the juxtaposition of the old and new elements to sit alongside each other harmoniously. The glazed slot also acts as the circulation zone into the new basement area and brings welcome natural light into an otherwise dark environment.

wr-ap_Dainton Cottage-The connection bet
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage_Peeking from the S
wr-ap Daintion cottage plan
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage-atmospheric living
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage_Side.jpg
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage_Elevation.jpg

The new building elements consist of a materiality that mixes historical building techniques such as brickwork with modern rain screen cladding techniques with materials such as bronze.

wr-ap Dainton cottage material palette.
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage-living area.jpg
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage-en-suite
wr-ap_Dainton Cottage-secluded study.jpg
Dainton Cottage_Rear CGI

Date of completion: November 2020

Total Cost: Confidential

Gross internal Floor Area: 1350sqft

Client: Confidential

Structural Engineer: Betts Associates

Party Wall Surveyor: White & Lloyd

Main Contractor: Eramo UK Limited

Photography: Ben Tynegate & WR-AP

Film: Ben Tynegate

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