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11 pw

wr-ap_11PW_perspective section.jpg

11 PW is a remodelling and extension of a family home for a structural engineer in Surrey.

The client’s brief whilst a typical one for a growing family i.e. the requirement for additional living space, to incorporate open plan living and to have a better connection to the garden area, also required us to investigate the innovative use of cross laminated timber (CLT) as a construction and finish material.

11PW 02.jpeg

With the use of CLT we have been able to investigate a component based system for the erection of the new areas, including the additional areas at roof level.

wr-ap_11PW_site plan.jpg
11PW 01.jpeg
wr-ap_11PW_revit model.jpg

The orientation of the additions has been carefully modelled along with the glazed slots and aperture locations to maximise the use of natural daylight into the new areas.

A simple material palette of exposed timber internally and stucco externally have been investigated with the client in order to especially offer an element of individuality to the internal environment, something that they stipulated as a requirement of their brief.

The project also includes the use of air source heat pumps to upgrade the house heating system.

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