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terraced courtyard

wr-ap terraced courtyard section

Working in collaboration with a regional housebuilder our terraced courtyard proposal is a research project investigating a new fused housing typology that could be applicable to the London housing market.

Predicated on the fact that vast numbers of potential housing sites across the capital are often unviable due to overlooking / ROL / party wall matters, alongside an increasing requirement to improve density ratios, the terraced courtyard proposal looks to tackle these issues in a simple, elegant and economical manner.

wr-ap_terraced courtyard plans
wr-ap terraced courtyard cgi.jpg

Whilst eliminating overlooking issues, an aspect commonly associated with high density housing, the terraced courtyard research is also focusing on increasing natural light and natural cross-ventilation alongside investigating the economics associated with nett/gross plot sizes in order to ensure the design proposals are not only regulation compliant and beautifully designed but also deliverable.

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