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23 CR

wr-ap_23CR_Rear Elevation.jpg

23CR is a sensitive remodelling of the ground floor layout with a new mono-pitched extension to the rear of the property, with construction due to start towards the latter part of 2022. The clients approached WR-AP with a brief to futureproof their beloved family home by adapting the plan to provide for their changing accessibility requirements. Free movement between rooms and level access to the outside are fundamental drivers for the project, as the clients seek continued use of the property in as much comfort as possible. The additional space gained by the extension will be invaluable to the occupant’s changing accessibility needs in the future. Extending the property not only affords necessary living space and improvements to the layout, but also enables completely accessible circulation and amenities arrangement within the property. As such, there is an opportunity to redevelop and rejuvenate the existing property to become an exemplar for accessible design.


For the rear extension to unify the existing rear elevation, a new mono-pitched roof has been introduced to visually connect with the roof of the earlier side extension. This creates an architecturally satisfying asymmetry to the rear elevation and minimises the structure’s impact on neighbouring properties. The material palette, including the use of London Stock bricks to match the existing property, has been chosen to work sensitively with the existing fabric of the house and with surrounding properties. The triangulated forms of the fixed glazing units have been informed by the pitch of the roof and add a contemporary twist to the façade, whilst continuing to complement the original structure.

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