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High Trees

WR-AP High Trees Exterior View

High Trees is located in the ward of Sunningdale, Ascot in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) within a very low-density residential area. The project provides a family with a new WFH summer house, storage and garage that sits sensitively alongside the existing semi-detached Tudor host property.

WR-AP High Trees Plans

The proposal looks to develop a studio/home office that is environmentally aware and one that touches the ground softly in order to limit its impact on its natural surroundings. The form and height of the structure has been carefully generated to  follow the permitted development regulations.

WR-AP High Trees Model

 The architectural concept of the proposal comes from an aesthetic inversion of the host Tudor main house, with the timber beams crossing horizontally and vertically in white and the walls using black timber cladding. A kind of modern interpretation of mock-tudor. The concept looks to generate an eco-friendly structure with the lowest possible embodied carbon footprint, through the choice of the construction materials, re-using the existing concrete slab for the foundation, re-using  existing doors from the main house and including  a green roof to improve biodiversity. By using a timber construction over traditional masonry or concrete we are targeting 340 kg/CO2e/m2.

WR-AP High Trees Embodied Carbon Study

Date of completion: 2022

Total Cost: £35K

Gross internal Floor Area: 35 sqm

Client: Bartlett Family

Structural Engineer: Studio Allen

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