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This Town Centre mixed-use project commissioned by the Local Authority forms part of a larger authority wide ambitious plan to increase the provision of net-zero affordable housing, whilst also reinvigorating and boosting the commercial uses in the Local Authority’s high streets.


With a retrofit first principle, the design strategy for this specific site is to keep as much of the existing building as possible, extend above where feasible and then retrofit new homes with passivhaus design principles and national spatial standards.  After carefully consider various retrofit options, including the whole of the existing structures, we concluded in conversation with the client team to retain the ground floor commercial podium areas and build new (possibly using Modern Methods of Construction - MMC) homes above.

EHS_Street View 02_final.jpg

Although technically challenging the design team are currently investigating the feasibility of keeping the commercial levels operational during the construction period to ensure revenue levels are maintained for as long as possible for the Local Authority. With the upper floors being delivered using MMC the concept proposals mean that the podium will be acting as a datum above the commercial units from which modular elements can be easily assembled on site.  This approach will help to reduce the building contractors compound area, minimise wet trades on site and expedite construction programme.


The residential accommodation above the commercial podium is a combination of two book-end blocks. One bookend providing a new focal point at the end of the high street. In between the bookends sits and a central span of deck accessed apartments.  These through flats allow for the development to achieve 100% dual aspect units across the site and enjoy a communal amenity space at every deck level. 

EHS_ISO_fiNAL_REV 02.jpg

Date of completion: TBC

Total Cost: £12 million

Gross internal Floor Area: 7,500 sqm

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