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WR-AP Religious Community Building Exploded Axonometric

Our winning entry for an Ecclesiastic and Civic building in southwest London is inspired by the historic churches typology embedded within suburban residential in London.  The site currently hosts a series of buildings originally built for light industrial use, which have been most recently transformed into the congregation and teaching spaces for the church.

WR-AP Religious Community Building Surrounding Area

The idea is to insert a new building that proudly represents the church presence in its context but at the same time respects the scale and character of the residential surroundings. The programme includes a number of flexible teaching spaces, a community café, a central kitchen and a large congregation space.

WR-AP Religious Community Building Isometric

We are currently working with the client body and the rest of the team developing options and alternatives to make the most of the site while ensuring the scale and architectural character of the building sits comfortable in the site.

Date of completion: TBC

Total Cost: Confidential

Gross internal Floor Area: 1054 sqm

Client: Confidential

Structural Engineer: TBC

Planning Consultant: Verve Planning

QS: Huntley Cartwright

cornerstone church.jpg
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