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squirrel chase

wr-ap_Squirrel chase_rear view.jpg

Squirrel Chase is a detached house located in Surrey and is typically arranged with four bedrooms, a loft and two distinctly separate ground floor family rooms with the associated  kitchen, dining  facilities all facing the garden to the rear.

wr-ap_Squirrel chase_site plan.jpg

The existing well-mannered façade and openings are not unusual for the typology of home and the external spaces are set out as a large patio area, level with the house and a large well-manicured lawn area with overhanging trees, providing a pleasant aspect from the family rooms.

wr-ap_Squirrel chase_ground floor plan.j

The clients brief called for greater connectivity between the family rooms and the landscaped areas, a new gymnasium area, utility space and outdoor kitchen | dining facilities.

The design proposals envisage a new brickwork and oak loggia stretched across the entire house width, linking a new utility pod with a newly created outdoor kitchen/gymnasium pod.

The loggia provides, areas for outdoor dining, shade to the family rooms and creates a new holistic link for all of the houses existing components to connect sympathetically to the landscaped areas.

wr-ap_Squirrel chase_first thoughts_01.j
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