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19 kw

wr-ap_19KW_side elevation.jpg

19 KW is a remodelling and extension of a family dwelling in Poole, Dorset for an Environmental Consultant and their growing family . The brief called for an increase in the ground floor family living areas, better utilisation of the external spaces and an improvement of the homes environmental measures.

wr-ap_19KW_ground floor plan.jpg

For WR-AP this commission was not only about increasing the size and amount of accommodation but more importantly about providing the family with innovative and integrated environmental solutions to meet the brief requirement of creating an energy conservation conscious home.

wr-ap_19KW_sustainability diagram.jpg

The energy saving measures incorporated into the design include recladding the whole property in new insulation and decorative finish, capturing rainwater for re-use, green roof, highly efficient window systems and orientating the new additions to best maximise the use of passive ventilation methods.

wr-ap_19KW_design sketches.jpg

The new extension layout has been carefully designed to maximise natural light internally and also to improve external connections with the lower and upper gardens. The remodelling of the ground floor accommodation incorporates a new open plan family/kitchen area, alongside a small study/music area, all allowing for a better visual connection to the garden area. 

Planning approval was obtained in early 2020 and the project is currently being procured for construction with expected completion in mid 2021.

wr-ap_19KW_internal view.jpg
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