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83 kcr

interior design surbiton

83 KCR is a remodelling of a family home in SW London. The client’s brief was a typical one for a growing family i.e. the requirement for additional living space, to incorporate open plan living and to have a better connection to the garden area.

wr-ap_King Charles Road_plan1.jpg

Our design response focuses on developing a language of alternative roof lights and glazed walls in order to maximise the amount of daylight entering the new family living area. By lowering the entire floor level at the rear of the property and utilising exposed ceiling rafters the proposal looks to maximise the height of the extension thus providing a sense of grandeur to the extension often missing from typical rear extensions.

wr-ap 83 KCR external view

A simple material palette of timber used  internally and European brickwork externally were investigated with the client in order to offer an element of individuality that they stipulated as a requirement of their brief.

Internally the exposed timber rafters are punctuated with rooflights to ensure that the new addition to the house benefits from as much natural light as feasible.


completed extension surbiton wr-ap architects
wr-ap 83KCR internal view 02
wrap 83 KCR completed.jpg

Internally the interior design strategy was one based on simplicity and neutral finishes. Internal timber finishes have a matt whitewash applied to them to help soften the impact of the timber, with the wall being finish in a soft light grey tone. The client wishes to install their own artworks to the walls and therefore the interior design has an almost gallery like aesthtic to it to help to showcase the artworks.



wr-ap 83 KCR internal view
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