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47 da

wr-ap_durnsford avenue_courtyard view_03

47 DA is an example of how WR-AP are assisting their clients with maximising the value of their property assets. Reinventing the 'ugly duckling' on the street, 47 DA explores what is possible when redeveloping a typical 1970's detached home on a Victorian street in Wimbledon, London. 

wr-ap_durnsford avenue_plans.jpg

Two new rear additions to the ground floor of the property will create a courtyard landscape aesthetic, that will allow the new home owners the opportunity to maximise the internal | outdoor lifestyle their brief called for in order to entertain guests throughout the year. The upper floors will benefit from new bedroom and en-suite  accommodation in the roof space and a rationalised first floor ,so that the property achieves three double bed sized sleeping rooms.

wr-ap_durnsford avenue_internal view.jpg

Responding to the sites  natural constraints the sensitive redevelopment celebrates courtyard living whilst maximising natural light internally by the careful positioning of window openings. The subtle use of local vernacular materials such as brickwork and timber will allow for the intervention to sit complementary within its surroundings

wr-ap_durnsford avenue_gf_axo.jpg
wr-ap_durnsford avenue_courtyard view_02

Environmental design measures for the renovation include, ensuring that the new additions are orientated in a manner to maximise potential heat gains from the sun during the winter months - whilst minimising them in the summer, re-insulating the whole property to improve its thermal performance and to install an air-source heat pump heating system to minimise energy costs

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