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75 ar

wr-ap_75AR_living room.jpg

75 AR is a sensitive remodelling and extension of a family home in SW London.  Having lived in the property for a number of years the client’s brief involved a complete transformation of the period property into an extended home for the growing family.

Wez Anderson - The Grand Budapest Hotel

The client has an affinity with Wes Anderson atmospheric movies and wanted the design proposals to convey a similar aesthetic within our responses.  Rooms have been designed deliberately symmetrical following inspiration from Wes Anderson’s framed views.


Our response includes a new full house basement to include living and sleeping accommodation, an extended ground floor to provide additional living space, incorporating open plan living and one that has better connection to the garden area. 

wr-ap_75AR_site plan.jpg

A new continuous staircase has been inserted to allow views to the skyline from the ground floor all the way through to a second floor glazed slot. This simple move allows natural daylight to flood the centre of the home whilst also making the circulation easy to navigate and efficient.

wr-ap_75AR_hallway view.jpg

At the highest level of the house a new contemporary dormer has been added within the roof area to create a large master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room.

wr-ap_75AR_bedroom view.jpg

Material selection is composed of a simple palette of light coloured brickwork with flush joints used both internally and externally at ground floor level, alongside bronze elements for the upper floors. These natural colour and materials have been investigated with the client in order to offer an element of individuality whilst at the same time elegance and robustness.

wr-ap_75AR_rear elevation.jpg

Planning approval was obtained in early 2020 and the project is currently being procured for construction with expected completion in mid 2021.

75 AR 2.jpg
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