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cascade homes

wr-ap_29BS_isometric view_edited.jpg

Cascade Homes is an example of how WR-AP are assisting their clients with maximising the value of their property assets. Engaged by Petunia Property our proposals look at reconfiguring an exisitng retail unit and maximising the use of the remaining site to create three new homes targeted at the first time buyer market, cascade homes explores what is possible with spaces that others deem undevelopable. 

wr-ap_29BS_ground floor plan.jpg

The first and second floor level apartments whilst conventional in layout, benefit from dual aspect living and ample private amenity. The new ground floor unit is a more bespoke offer, split over two levels to create a unique first time home.

wr-ap_29BS_second floor plan.jpg

Designed as a series of cascading residential units, the residential component of cascade homes adheres to all national housing standards whilst also offering an intelligent response to potential over-looking issues from neighbouring buildings. 

wr-ap_29BS_side elevation.jpg

All the residential units will be Breeam Excellent rated and exceed current building regulations part L compliance by 40%.

wr-ap_29BS_site model.jpg

The subtle use of local vernacular materials such as brickwork will be  articulated in the detailing around apertures and floor levels allowing for the intervention to sit complementary within its surroundings while at the same time purveying a modern aesthetic.

wr-ap_29BS_internal view_02.jpg

Internally the new ground floor duplex benefits from ample daylight that is carefully orchestrated from the centrally located lightwell and overhead rooflights that intuitively prevent any overlooking issues whilst at the same time maximising the amount of good daylight within the unit.

wr-ap_29BS_internal view_01.jpg
wr-ap_29BS_concept sketch1.jpg
cascade homes.jpg
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