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ar infill

wr-ap_ashley road_elevation.jpg

AR Infill is an example of how WR-AP are assisting their clients with maximising the value of their property assets. Reinventing a disused, land locked, small industrial unit site to provide a bespoke home targeted at the first time buyer market, AR infill explores what is possible with spaces that others deem undevelopable whilst at the same time offering something contextual to its surroundings. 

wr-ap_ashley road_plans.jpg

Responding to the sites  natural constraints of siting tight against three boundary lines, the new dwelling celebrates courtyard living whilst maximising natural light internally by the careful positioning of window openings and void areas. The subtle use of local vernacular materials such as brickwork and exposed concrete allows for the intervention to sit complementary within its surroundings

ashley road section orange.jpg

Designed as an infill dwelling, the home adheres to all national housing standards whilst also offering an intelligent response to both potential over-looking issues and the provision of ample private amenity space. 

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