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summersby road.jpg

Engaged by Castlestone Investments to investigate the development potential of a brownfield site in north London, summersby is a small scale housing development incorporating a modern mews of family townhouses.

With more and more of these types of development opportunities coming to the market in London and with them being actively supported by the Major and the GLA our design response looks to create an efficient and well designed set of homes whilst at the same time providing an architectural response that is respectful of the historical townhouse typology.

wr-ap_Summersby Road_site plan.jpg

Thoughtfully designed to prevent issues of overlooking our proposals ensure maximum opportunities for daylight within each home whilst not forsaking privacy matters. The new modern “Mews” also provide a distinctive character and place for the group of dwellings while solving the parking requirements not possible to accommodate alongside Summersby Road.

wr-ap summersby model.jpg
wr-ap summersby Feasibility sketch

With a simple external and internal material palette alongside a repetitive yet considered fenestration strategy, the proposal offers Castlestone Investments an economical capital outlay on the costs that developments such as this require in the London market to ensure that they are viable. 

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