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LH + C

WR-AP LH + C Isometric View

Our proposals for a new Keyworker Housing and a Community Centre development in Lambeth, London, is currently being advanced through the initial design stages alongside the freehold client.  The inner-city mixed-use project has included our team undertaking extensive consultation with users and members of the community, to ensure the new development will deliver on the priorities set out in the brief while also allowing for a feasible scheme that is in keeping with the surrounding scale.


The existing site is occupied by a two-storey community building that has been in operation for over 50 years and had finally come to the end of its design life.  To ensure that the community facility can remain in operation for generations to come, the client brief looks to provide new affordable housing for local people that will assist in making a new community facility viable.

The corner site acts as a hinge between two different scales and typologies; on the one hand a very formal street flanked by semidetached Victorian properties and on the other, a contemporary multistorey block of flats


The massing and architectural language explore the idea of a ‘solid’ datum flanked by a civic colonnade at lower level in keeping with the house’s height and character, while in the upper floors a continuous balcony offers a more permeable aspect to the street. This juxtaposition seeks to celebrate the presence of the Community Centre on the corner while acknowledging the scale of the residential building next door.

Date of completion: TBC

Total Cost: Confidential

Gross internal Floor Area: 3,800 sqm

Client: Confidential

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