what we do

Our work rejoices in the qualities that define great placemaking by embracing cultural traditions as well as fulfilling physical potential.


We formulate and implement thought provoking ideas, working collaboratively as a team alongside our clients and consultants; we praise this journey and value its importance as much as the completed building.


We look to make the journey of creating beautiful buildings a delightful, memorable and enjoyable experience for our clients and our people.


WR-AP was founded to make a positive difference and to do some good, being both architecturally inspirational and business focused.


The focus of what we do. Our comprehensive architectural services cover both the private and public sectors and include brief development, conceptual design, design development and construction documentation, assisting with contractor bidding and/or negotiating and construction contract administration. We provide the full suite of architectural services governed by the RIBA plan of works 2013.

Planning & Development  

We assist property and land owners with assessing existing or new assets to determine opportunities to add value or development potential. We undertake feasibility studies and due diligence compliance checks for asset managers, property owners and investors. We do this by collaborating with industry leaders to offer our clients a best in class service in this area.


We begin each commission using listening as our most powerful tool. Once we have established your goals, objectives and space requirements, we develop innovative and simple to understand programmes to clearly demonstrated the key elements and timeframes for your project.

Interior Design 

We offer creative and intelligent responses to a client’s goals and requirements that fuse seamlessly with the architectural vision. We know how to listen and infuse a client’s/organisations personality into a space.

who we are

WR-AP was founded by Sean Weston and Max Rengifo in 2018.

As founding partners, Max and Sean have a shared vision of what WR-AP aims to achieve and its mission. Having worked in unison for 15 years at two design focused practices in London they took the ambitious step to set up WR-AP.


Their longstanding working relationship means they have established that their personal and professional skills are complementary. This allows for a natural harmony between them as founders that leads to direct effects and influences within the studio.


Max and Sean both have strong architectural and managerial skills and are respected members of the London architectural community demonstrated over many years of delivering numerous successful projects across a large spectrum of sectors and architectural typologies and they look to enhance this reputation by assisting WR-AP's clients achieve their aims and architectural ambitions.

Sean Weston 


"I decided I wanted to be an architect when I was at secondary school. It might sound odd but I didn’t fully understand what an architect did when I was 13 but I knew that I wanted to have a career where I could help people and society in a small way. Some 30 years later I now fully understand what it means to be an architect and the impact we can have on peoples lives and the communities that we live and work in. It is because of this passion I will continue to strive to make a difference wherever I can with the work and commissions that WR-AP undertake.

I have an analytical-minded approach to our creative operations. I believe that architecture is the product of a participatory process governed by research, design, client and stakeholder engagement and, ultimately, the selection of the correct procurement model. 

I have a keen attention to detail that drives our delivery expertise and ensures a culture of finesse is nurtured within the studio, defining the quality and individuality of our projects and making sure that our designs deliver delight".

Max Rengifo


'My passion for architecture started 28 years ago when I started my formation in my native city Caracas. Discovering the power of well-designed buildings and public spaces changed from a mere career to a way of life.  It is undoubtedly exhilarating seeing a “drawing” getting built; but nothing compares with hearing the anecdotes and memories once that early sketch comes to life.


I believe in a practice based on solid narratives, coherent technical solutions and above all being able to positively influence the lives of the people living, working or studying in the spaces we design.  My involvement in WR-AP’s projects starts with early narratives, sketching, engagement and continues with technical detailing and construction phases.


My participation with academia allows me to explore and discuss relevant architectural issues as well as ultimately influence how we believe architectural education should respond to our professions challenges. Through a journey of ideas-practice-economics-technology and social issues we formulate relevant briefs / discussions aiming to provide a solid platform for students'.

the studio

To support the design focused ethos of the practice, the studio is a place where experimentation and testing of ideas is at the forefront of all that we do and is actively encouraged. This process begins with clear thinking and the ability to sketch out ideas and concepts. This is often undertaken in a forum where our clients actively participate.

With the aid of technological innovations such as 3D printing, virtual reality and Building Information Modelling, our team is skilfully able to transform initial thoughts into a range of mediums, including, drawings, CGI's, physical models and immersive environments to give our clients a clearer understanding of the architectural concepts that we design. 

our principles

The top six things that matter most to us:

to always create beautifully designed spaces.

to inspire our people with a meaningful and enjoyable studio culture.

to make our cities and towns more human.

to respect our past and challenge our future.

to build environmentally positive ideas.

to sustain a profitable performance for the benefit of all our people.

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